Investors increasingly eye platinum amid price hike

Photo: GPF

Institutional investors are planning to in-crease their exposure to platinum, but there is a wide disparity in the charges of exchange-traded products (ETPs) focused on metals, accord-ing to a recent study.


The research by the Global Palladium Fund (GPF), comprising a survey of institutional investors and wealth managers, shows that “49% expect to dramatically increase their exposure to platinum this year, and a further 37% anticipate seeing a slight increase,” the GPF said in a statement.


“The price of platinum recently hit a six year high on the back of growing demand for the industrial metal as the global economy recovers from the Coronavirus crisis. There are also growing concerns around a shortage of the metal, which is fuelling price growth,” according to the fund.


Alexander Stoyanov, the chief executive of the GPF, said that platinum’s “price has been rising on growing demand as hopes of a sharp economic recovery increase” and it has established itself as “an increasingly attrac-tive option for investors.”