Lucapa Diamond recovers large diamonds

Lucapa Diamond is reporting positive developments at its mine in Angola. Photo by Lucapa Diamond

New development Australian business Lucapa Diamond has announced that, together with its partners Endiama and Rosas & Petalas, the company has recovered two +100 carat diamonds in February from the Lulo mine in Angola.


“Both diamonds were recovered from the terraces of Mining Block 46. The 116 carat type IIa diamond will be sold via a tender at a future date, along with other high value type IIa diamonds recovered recently while the 162 carat will be sold as part of normal run of mine sale later this month,” the miner said in a statement


Lucapa Diamond owns assets in Africa and Australia. Among others, it has stakes in two producing diamond mines in Angola and Lesotho. 


“The large, high-value diamonds produced from these two niche African diamond mines attract some of the highest prices/ carat globally. The Lulo mine has been in commercial production since 2015, while the Mothae mine commenced commercial production in 2019,” according to the business.


The diamond company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).