Miner advances Greenland gold project

Photo: AEX Gold

Toronto-based miner AEX Gold has an-nounced it is taking measures to advance its Nalunaq gold project in Greenland that was halted last February.

The Canadian company “has been focusing on four elements to con-tinue advancing and de-risking the Nalunaq Project,” AEX Gold said in a statement.

These four elements include: performing a third-party engineering study with the aim to optimize the project costs and de-risk the project schedule; carrying out fully funded 'early works' infrastructure and an exploration programme of between 20,000 and 30,000 metres; con-tinuing to advance the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and the social impact assessment (SIA) with the aim to secure all permits; as well as advancing regional exploration targeting both gold and green/strategic minerals via technical research, sampling and geo-physical surveys, according to the statement.