Bosnia and Herzegovina to approve iron ore project

Photo: ArcelorMittal Prijedor

The government of the Serb Republic, one of the federal entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has announced it is plan-ning to approve a concession contract for iron ore mining by Arce-lorMittal Prijedor, a local subsidiary of the world’s leading steel pro-ducer. Mining is to be performed close to the town of Ljubija.


Under the plan, ArcelorMittal’s offshoot is to explore a deposit fitted with a total of 3 million tonnes of iron ore, according to the information obtained by local news site


The investment will create some 100 new jobs in Ljubija. The value of the project was not disclosed.


ArcelorMittal Prijedor operates an iron ore mine located in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it mainly supplies its output to ArcelorMittal's subsidiaries in Europe.