Canadian miner advances U.S. gold project

Photo: Liberty Gold

Vancouver-based miner Liberty Gold has reported results from Phase 3 variability composite metallurgical col-umn testing from large-diameter drill core at the company’s Black Pine Oxide gold project in Idaho, the U.S.


“The objective of the Phase 3 metallurgical program was to expand the geographical and ore type distribution of Phase 1 and Phase 2 column testing which included six surface bulk samples and 29 vari-ability composites,” the company said in a statement. “Forty-five col-umn leach tests produced a weighted average 80.8% gold extraction, with a range from 44.5% to 94.8% gold extraction.”


Gary Simmons, an independent consulting metallurgist to Liberty Gold, commented that “data from metallurgical testing to date at Black Pine continues to indicate rapid leaching and relatively high gold extractions from these gold oxide ores, with a consistent insen-sitivity to particle size and a predictable grade-recovery relationship.”