Institutional investors expect metal prices to expand in 2021

Photo: GPF

About 67 percent of surveyed institutional investors expect industrial activity will increase this year, allowing to drive the price of metals such as silver, palladium and platinum higher, according to the latest research released by the Global Palladium Fund (GPF).


The GPF carried out a survey which showed that 69 percent of the sur-veyed investors forecast silver, palladium and platinum will see their prices expand, while 24 percent believe their prices will “increase dramat-ically.”


Alexander Stoyanov, the chief executive officer of the GPF, was quoted as saying that the “research shows just how important precious metals are to making the green economy a reality.”


“Their properties mean that they have a fundamental role to play in tech-nologies … crucial to changing the world we live in and, as a result, de-mand for metals such as palladium and platinum will increase,” Stoyanov said.