Eurobattery Minerals qualified to join sustainable EU mining project

Photo: Eurobattery Minerals

Eurobattery Minerals AB, a growth company in the mineral exploration industry with a corporate vision to help Europe become self-sufficient in ethical battery minerals, today announced that the company has been inserted as partner in the S3-MINE programme that has been founded and supported by the European Union.


Eurobattery Minerals is a partner in the S3-MINE programme and can apply for monetary support from the fund assigned to this programme. At this point, it is specifically Eurobattery Minerals’ rare earth element and vanadium project in Fetsjön, Sweden that is part of the programme, although this may be expanded to include other projects. Fetsjön is located in Västerbotten, a region that is also one of the prioritized regions for the S3-MINE project.


“Securing the supply of sustainable battery minerals to the European automotive industry is a necessity in order to manage the transition to electric vehicles. Therefore, it is great to see that EU is committed in supporting this transition,” said Roberto García Martínez, CEO of Eurobattery Minerals.


The primary objective of S3-MINE is the development and implementation of mining pilot programmes at ten different facilities in six different EU countries to demonstrate the feasibility of innovative digital technologies throughout the mining life cycle as a powerful tool to increase efficiency, selectivity and profitability of the mining operations, while at the same time minimizing environmental impacts and associated health & safety issues.


The project is supported and founded by the European Commission and run by ICAMCyl (the International Center of Advanced Materials and raw materials of Castilla y León), a private non-profit research foundation. Visit their website


“As a provider of ethical and fully traceable battery minerals from Europe we are committed to play an important role in the transition to a more sustainable transportation industry and we are extremely excited to be part of this project,” said Roberto García Martínez.


Following qualification for the programme, the next step is an initial project meeting in order to define work processes and next steps. This meeting will take place in September 2020.