BHP Xplor launches search for 2024 Cohort

Photo: BHP

BHP Xplor, a six-month cohort-based accelerator program in the pursuit of unlocking critical minerals, began a global search today for its next 2024 cohort.

After successfully completing its first year with the graduation of the inaugural cohort in June 2023, BHP Xplor is back and looking for early-stage explorers and startups focused on finding new resources of critical minerals needed for the world’s future.

BHP Xplor is designed to provide selected participants with the opportunity to accelerate their exploration concepts and the potential to establish a long-term partnership with BHP. The program offers participants funding, mentorship and coaching, and connection into BHP’s network of suppliers and service providers.

BHP Xplor also gives participants an opportunity to be part of a unique community together with other likeminded explorers.

BHP Xplor Vice President, Sonia Scarselli, said: “We are energised by the success of the program’s first cycle and thrilled to start our search for the next 2024 cohort. As we’ve seen reflected through the first cohort, BHP Xplor is designed for people who are ready to think differently and push the boundaries of traditional exploration. We’re excited to see the new, innovative opportunities that will come forward in this application phase and looking forward to meeting the people behind them. We’re looking forward to reviewing future opportunities from around the world for new, and exciting exploration concepts needed to bring forward the critical minerals required to decarbonize.”

For BHP, the program offers the opportunity to broaden its access a diverse set of exploration prospects globally, including new geographies and geologic concepts to help drive our pipeline of new opportunities and shape our future growth portfolio.

BHP Chief Technical Officer, Laura Tyler said: “Through BHP Xplor, we’re effectively transforming set models by testing opportunities at an accelerated pace, implementing new ways of thinking, and creating innovative concepts to address some of today’s biggest challenges facing early-stage minerals exploration.”

Selected companies will receive up to USD$500,000 cash payment from BHP, together with access to a network of internal and external experts to help guide development across technical, business, and operational aspects of the company.


The program will accept applications from 23 August 2023 and close on 11 October 2023.