Canadian zinc-air battery maker signs deal to develop product

Photo: Zinc8

Canadian zinc-air flow battery maker Zinc8 Energy So-lutions has signed a US$200,000 contract with a leading cloud pro-vider to demonstrate its patented Zinc-air Energy Storage System (ZESS) and to validate and assess the Zinc Air Long-duration Energy Storage Technology, the company said in a statement.


As part of the deal, Zinc8’s technology will be tested for resilient backup application, and the 10kW/80kWh unit will undergo assess-ment tests to address its use cases in data centers.


Ron MacDonald, the president and chief executive of Zinc8, said that the latest agreement “represents a step forward in expanding broader and significant new market applications for Zinc8’s patented zinc-air energy storage system. The continued growth in cloud data centers globally could greatly benefit from our long-duration energy storage technology and support the commitments to a reduced carbon foot-print for operators of large-scale data centers.”