Palladium One to step up its exploration in large areas in Finland

Mining explorer Palladium Ones samples in Finland. Photo: Palladium One

The Canadian company planning a palladium mine for Posio in Finland intends to step up its exploration in large areas.

Palladium One has applied for an extension of its field research. In the coming years, the focus will be on the deep drills needed for profitability calculations and mine assessment.

A total of 2,500 hectares are planned for exploration, most of which is located near the Taivalkoski border. In the summer, representatives of the Canadian company visited their Northeastern destination and discussed the progress of the mining project with the representatives of Posio Municipality.

Palladium is needed, inter alia, in the automotive industry, and the world market price of raw material has tripled in three years. Gold, nickel, copper and platinum concentrations are also studied in Posio's properties.