Platinum miner invests in South Africa

Photo: Eastern Platinum

Project under development Vancouver-based Eastern Platinum has reported the successful commissioning of its platinum group met-als (PGMs) main plant circuit B in South Africa following the comple-tion of the refurbishment and upgrade work that has been underway since last May.


“Construction and pre-commissioning were completed in September and commercial production of PGM concentrates started from Octo-ber 18 with planned dispatches to the company's offtake partner scheduled from October 26,” the company said in a statement. East-ern Platinum “completed the commissioning to enable processing of the full feed from chrome tails to consistently produce platinum group metal concentrates.”


Once production build-ups are finalised, which is projected to take place around the first quarter of 2022, the miner “estimates an addi-tional 600 tons of PGM concentrates per month will be added on top of the current production of 200 tons per month”.