Epiroc presents the Office TeleREMOTE

Photo: Epiroc

Epiroc’s new product Office TeleREMOTE is designed to control SmartROC DTH drill rigs from a remote location. Office TeleREMOTE has been designed to address the need for increased safety, efficiency and productivity.

This smart product enables the operator to access and run multiple rigs from a control center located inside an office. You have the option to select the stand-alone TeleREMOTE solution or to update any existing BenchREMOTE to a TeleREMOTE by connecting it to a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

“With Office TeleREMOTE, a single person can control multiple drills in a productive and efficient manner”, says Mayya Popova, Product Manager Automation at Epiroc.

One of the biggest benefits of Office TeleREMOTE is its ability to effectively increase the number of productive hours in a day. It will optimize time as it reduces operator transports and idle time due to shift changes. Remote drilling, together with AutoDrill and Auto-Rod Handling System features, boost productivity as the drill rigs can work almost continuously without breaks.

"Office TeleREMOTE drastically increases efficiency as it improves how the work site utilizes the equipment. For many customers, the balance between capital investments and any expected return is critical", says Mayya Popova, Product Manager Automation, Epiroc.

The safety aspect is always a top priority. The Office TeleREMOTE operator can run the rig without taking any risks thanks to multiple onboard systems. The operator uses the Hole Navigation System for accurate positioning and a geofence function ensures that the rig stays within the predefined area. The remote rigs are also fitted with multiple cameras which provides the Office TeleREMOTE operator with a 360° view all around the machine.

Office TeleREMOTE consists of a suitable work desk with adjustable height and ergonomically designed operator controls mounted on it. The two controls and operator display are the same as in the drill rig cabin, so the operator will immediately feel familiar with this setup. The product also includes a server rack with Epiroc Automation Common Machine Server (ACMS), a video system and a safety system capable of handling one remote drill rig, with an option to be extended up to nine drill rigs, in increments of one, if required.

“The Office TeleREMOTE operator is less exposed to the harsh work site environment. The operator spends every single work day running equipment in an improved working environment with high comfort”, Mayya Popova explains.

 Office TeleREMOTE is designed to remotely operate surface drill rigs in open pit mines or quarries only.