Metso is reintroducing the High Efficiency Scrubber

Metso High Efficiency Scrubber. Photo: Metso

Metso is reintroducing the High Efficiency Scrubber for efficient scrubbing of off-gas impurities in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgical processes and in oil, gas and chemical plants. The technology is suitable for both greenfield and brownfield installations.

Thanks to its adjustable scrubbing zone, the High Efficiency Scrubber efficiently removes particles from off-gases at varying gas volumes and dust loads. Additionally, the scrubber can be combined with the High Efficiency Scrubber Optimizer, a Metso digital product that automatically optimizes the pressure drop based on the impurity load.

“The High Efficiency Scrubber is made of durable material and can thus withstand highly corrosive gases. In addition to its excellent scrubbing efficiency, the scrubber is maintenance friendly. On top of this, the adjustable scrubbing zone coupled with the digital optimizer minimizes energy consumption while ensuring that performance targets are met even during varying process conditions,” explains Leif Skilling, Director, Gas Cleaning at Metso.