Arkle Resources granted new lithium exploration ground in Ireland

Photo: Arkle Resources

Arkle Resources announces it has been granted a new lithium exploration block north of its Mine River Block in Wicklow/Wexford in Ireland.

The new block consists of four prospecting licences for lithium, rare earth elements and other minerals, including gold and platinum. The licences cost a total of €3,000 and Arkle is required to spend a minimum of €10,000 in exploration costs on each licence over the next 24 months.

The ground is contiguous with the International Lithium Corp - Gangfeng Lithium Co. Ltd joint venture to the west, where a large zone of lithium bearing pegmatites has been discovered associated with the Leinster Granite Pegmatite Belt. The Directors believe this new ground is fertile for lithium deposits.

John Teeling, Chairman of Arkle, commented: "I am delighted that Arkle has been awarded four licences in Wicklow to prospect for lithium, rare earths and gold, among other minerals. It has long been known that the Leinster granites contain lithium in pegmatites, but little serious exploration has been undertaken. We identified this ground after earlier prospecting by Arkle on our existing licences indicated their prospectivity. It is prime ground which has never been explored for lithium. We will be on the ground in the near future."