Sage Potash announces formation of US subsidiary, Sage Lithium Corp

Map: Sage Potash

Sage Potash announces the formation of a U.S. subsidiary, Sage Lithium Corp.  

The primary objective of Sage Lithium will be to conduct testing for lithium and other soluble saline minerals within the existing brine hosting strata covered by Sage Potash's private mineral lease portfolio. Sage Lithium will be operating in conjunction with its parent company, Sage Potash which is in the process of applying for Class V Authorization by rule to drill two exploration wells that are planned to function as an initial pilot production well and a brine disposal well. Concurrently, Sage Lithium will sample, test, and analyse strata that are amenable to brine extraction for lithium, bromine and other soluble saline minerals.

This strategic decision is grounded in the Company's assessment of historical records derived from oil, gas and potash wells drilled in the Paradox Formation. The Company believes these records indicate a strong possibility of intersecting super-saturated brines (composed of up to 40% minerals and 60% water) containing a diverse range of valuable minerals, including lithium, bromine and potassium, in the Paradox Formation. Sage Potash holds private mineral leases located in the Paradox Basin that grant the Company exclusive rights to extract potash, lithium, and other saline minerals and resources.

Sage Lithium will operate as a standalone subsidiary exploring the mineral leases for lithium and other soluble saline minerals on 17,277 acres of private mineral and surface leases owned by its parent company, Sage Potash .