Golden Goliath acquires Quebec rare earth element prospect

Image courtesy: Golden Goliath Resources

Golden Goliath Resources announces that they have signed an option agreement to acquire 100 percent of the Ernest Rare Earth Element (REE) prospect in Quebec. The project is in east-central Quebec.

On the Ernest property lake sediments collected in 2003 by the Quebec government returned anomalous REE values.  Limited sampling of prospective granitic outcrops returned encouraging REE values including Cerium 2605 ppm, Lanthanum 1466 ppm, Neodymium 965 ppm, and Praseodymium 274 ppm, associated with elevated Thorium values.

According to Ministère des Ressources Naturelles (MRN) synopses, the Property is underlain by rocks of the mesoproterozoic Canyon Complex. It covers a panel of migmatitic, gneissic gabbronorites with subordinate felsic material, which is surrounded by mangerites cut by granitic dykes and intrusions.

These Canyon Complex rocks also host panels and rafts of metasediments associated with the older Plus-Value Complex.

The company is planning exploration programs to be conducted this summer. 

Golden Goliath CEO Paul Sorbara said, “Quebec’s potential for REE deposits is quickly becoming apparent.  We are very excited to have been able to acquire this early-stage exploration project in a fascinating geological setting with such great access in the area of other REE deposits in one of Canada’s most favourable mining jurisdictions.”