Metso Outotec to perform smelting furnace shutdown service in South America

Photo: Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec has been awarded a shutdown service contract for a flash smelting furnace at a copper processing facility in South America. Approximately 50% of the order value, which exceeds EUR 10 million, is booked in Metals’ fourth-quarter orders received and the rest in Minerals’ orders received.

Metso Outotec’s scope of delivery includes a complete reconstruction of the furnace. This consists of demolition of the furnace, mechanical reconstruction of the walls and floor, uninstalling and installing the cooling elements, piping, and installing new refractory materials.

“Planned smelting furnace shutdowns are important to avoid refractory failure as well as to ensure furnace performance in the following production period. Refractory lining wear can also result in damage to equipment components, causing energy waste, reduced performance and stoppage. Starting with a comprehensive shutdown plan, our shutdown management team ensure that the shutdown is conducted on time and on budget without any safety incidents, allowing the customer to return to full production with an asset that delivers according to plan,” says Risto Valakari, Head of Service Sales, Metals BA, at Metso Outotec.

Metso Outotec has been performing furnace demolition and rebuild work all over the world for the past 35 years, with references from over a thousand projects. The shutdown packages range from shutdown reviews, which can be conducted remotely, to shutdown planning and support, to total shutdown solutions that are customizable to suit specific needs.