Canadian miner develops Namibian rare earth metals project

Photo: Namibia Critical Metals

Canada-based miner Namibia Critical Metals is advancing its investment to develop the Lofdal heavy rare earth dys-prosium-terbium project in Namibia.


Most recently, the miner completed its work on a starter pit for bulk sampling, following which it conducted a blast at the project’s Area 4 deposit, and completed mining of the earmarked mineralised blocks, Namibia Critical Metals said in a statement.


“A total of 34,500 tonnes was mined from the mineralized zone to 15 metres depth of which 500 tonnes from a depth between 12 and 15 metres was systematically blended and stockpiled to provide a rep-resentative homogenized sample of the Area 4 deposit. From this material 300 tonnes were selected for crushing and screening by Gecko Namibia,” according to the statement.


“The first two bulk samples of 2.7 tonnes and 1.5 tonnes were shipped to Rados Johannesburg and Tomra Hamburg for XRF and XRT sorting test work, respectively. Final results from the sorting test work are expected by early January 2022,” the miner said.