That´s one small step for Mobilaris, one giant leap for the mining industry

Photo: Mobilaris
Photo: Mobilaris

Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering announced the official launch of Mobilaris Onboard. Mobilaris Onboard™ is a revolutionizing new product running on a standard tablet with a patent pending disruptive technology that makes high accuracy positioning in underground mines, possible even without any positioning infrastructure. “We are confident that Mobilaris Onboard™ will cause a paradigm shift in the underground mining industry as it makes every miner aware of the whole real-time situation in the mine and enable a set of unique tools that will both empower people by increased transparency, increase productivity by less traffic congestions and safer” says Hans Wahlquist, VP Business Development & Strategic Product Management at Mobilaris.

Mobilaris Onboard is a revolutionizing new product that allows drivers of underground vehicles/machines to:

· Navigate in the mine. Just as a car-navigator, you can see where you are in real-time while driving. You can search for any assets, fixed or moving and get an accurate “fly-by-wire” navigation to that destination.

· Avoid traffic congestions. Just as a “mobile radar”, Mobilaris Onboard™ Traffic Awareness feature will enable you to avoid meetings with other vehicles or machines that otherwise might lead to a traffic congestion.

· Get a unique situational awareness of the whole mine. Just like the view that the operators of a mining operation center, now everyone has this information at their fingertips

· Become safer. In the case of an evacuation event, you can get navigation to the closest rescue chambers at the blink of an eye