Northern X Scandinavia to look for the vanadium, nickel and iron

Vanadium pieces. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, credit: W. Oelen

The company Northern X Scandinavia AB has been granted a survey permit in Airijoki, Kiruna. At the end of August, they are going to look for the vanadium, nickel and iron minerals using an aviation method.

"According to the magistrate's assessment, there is a reason to assume that an investigation in the area in question may lead to the finding of a concessionary ministry. (...) From time to time, the applicant has not previously found itself inappropriate to carry out research work, the application must be granted" writes Bergsstaten, the undersigned mountaineer Åsa Persson, in his statement of reasons for the granting of the examination permit.

The surveys that Northern X will implement will mainly take place now in August and it is expected to take a week. A helicopter will fly about 85 meters above the ground with a measuring instrument hanging 30 to 40 meters below it. The instrument will then come through magnetism to know how much minerals are present in the field. The area is 959 hectares and is located within the municipality of Kiruna.

The minerals hoping to find in the field are vanadium, a metal that is used in alloys with other metals and on steel to protect against rust, nickel, which is also used to make stainless steel but also has many other uses, and iron as you do many things, often after producing steel of the mineral.

In the survey plan, the company has planned that the survey should not harm nature.

"Certainly noise from the helicopter will be experienced during overflying, but this is for a very short period of time. The overall assessment of the environmental impact of the business is that it is very limited," they write in the plan.

Source: Norrbotten Affärer