Lithium miner develops Brazilian project

Photo: Sigma Lithium

Vancouver-based Sigma Lithium has an-nounced it initiated construction work on a new greentech dense me-dia separation production plant at the company’s Grota de Cirilo lith-ium project in Brazil.


“The Company is also announcing that it has secured 38 critical long lead items required for the Project and begun ordering them from re-spective suppliers, placing deposits to secure manufacturing timeta-bles,” Sigma Lithium said in a statement.


The Canadian miner said that this stage of the construction civil works is expected to be completed within a period of three months when the Brazilian sub-construction firm of Promon Engenharia is to “complete earthworks and the concrete plant drainage channels.”


“In order to fund construction, the Company has the funds to meet the equity funding requirements under its proposed construction bank debt facility,” according to the statement.