UK power resistor maker hopes to benefit from industry trend

Photo: Cressall

UK power resistor manufacturer Cressall is hoping to benefit from the increasing trend towards electrified under-ground mining, and the related demand for innovative resistors.


“According to a 2020 McKinsey report, the global mining industry is responsible for between four and seven per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions, so any technology that contributes to the sector’s de-carbonisation is valuable,” the company said in a statement.


The mining industry is experiencing an intensifying shift from diesel-fuelled trucks to electric vehicles (EVs) which requires manufacturers to develop new types of resistors, according to the manufacturer.


Cressall says its EV2 water-cooled dynamic braking resistor (DBR) can complies with these requirements as it has a unique design, “meaning it takes up just ten per cent of the volume and 15 per cent of the weight of a conventional air-cooled DBR.”


“Mining techniques have evolved many times throughout its rich his-tory. With increased pressure to decarbonise, mining EVs will play an essential role in bringing the industry into the 21st century, making operations efficient, reliable and safe,” according to the manufacturer.