Russia to intensify search of new mineral deposits

Mikhail Mishustin. Photo: RIA Novosti Vladimir Ostapkovich

Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has instructed the national government and leading domestic mining companies to intensify a search of new mineral deposits, according to state press-service.



According to the Prime Minister, the growth of mineral reserves in the country should exceed the volume of their production in the long term.


According to Mishustin, a particular attention should be paid for hydrocarbons, coal, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Mikhail Mishustin comments:


"In terms of reserves and production of most of the known minerals, Russia is in the group of world leaders. It is important to create conditions that will ensure a sufficient increase in these reserves so that in the long term it remains always higher than production volumes."


In terms of geographic, the main focus will be paid for acceleration of a search in the continental shelf of the seas of the Arctic Ocean, the poorly explored regions of the Arctic zone, Eastern Siberia, and the Far East.


The government hopes the industry will start more active introduction of modern technologies, primarily to convert millions of units of accumulated geological information into digital form. As part of state plans, that will increase control over the rational use and protection of subsoils, make the development of deposits more efficient and profitable.

By: Eugen Gerden