Russian environmentalists oppose gold mining on Kamchatka

Gold mining in Kamchatka. Photo:Biznes Gazeta

Russian environmentalists have opposed the development of a large-scale gold field in the Russian Kamchatka region in a close proximity to a local nature reserve.


According to representatives of some leading Russian environmental groups, the development of gold mining fields of the Kronotsky Reserve in Kamchatka may cause serious damage to nature.


As they believe the development of the Temny gold field in Kamchatka, which is located in the Milkovsky district of the region should be blocked, as it is located in the territory where the most important spawning rivers of the peninsula and habitats of rare animals are located.


The field is located in the basin of the Shchapina River, which flows into the Kamchatka River, the largest waterway of the peninsula.


According to ecologists, the conduction of gold mining activities in this area can lead to the disruption of river ecosystems and the degradation of fish resources. At the same time, the Russian law" On subsoils» imposes a ban on the use of subsoil if it can pose a threat to human life or health, damage economic facilities and the environment.


By: Eugen Gerden