Russia to build largest mining and processing complex in Arctic region

Pavlovskoye lead-zinc ore field. Photo: Dvinatoday

The largest mining and processing complex in the Arctic region will soon be built in Russia on the basis of the Pavlovskoye lead-zinc ore field, which is located on the Yuzhny Island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arkhangelsk Region, according to recent statements, made by some senior officials of the Russian federal government and representatives of local business.


According to Igor Semyonov, executive director of the First Mining Company, the Russian mining company, that will implement the project, the project involves the production of zinc ore, that will be used to produce concentrate on the basis of an innovative floating mining and processing plant.


Most of future output will be supplied to the Nordic region, particularly Norway, Sweden and Finland.


So far, an interest to the project has been expressed by some of the world’s largest metal traders, some of them may consider the possibility of funding building a sea terminal, that will be used for shipment of zinc concentrate to some major sale markets.


By: Eugen Gerden