Bulgaria plans to accelerate domestic mining activities in 2021

Bulgarian gold mine Ada Tepe, one of the oldest gold mines in Europe. Photo: Bulgarian state press-service

Bulgaria plans to accelerate domestic mining activities in 2021, that will take place despite the pandemic and associated with this negative economic consequences.


The sector of mining has also been considered as a strategically important area of economic development of Bulgaria. This is also due to the country’s rich mineral reserves.

At present ranks third in Europe in terms of copper mining, fourth in gold, and fifth in lignite. Other types of minerals, which are produced in the country include zinc, coal, gypsum, limestone, bentonite, kaolin, quartz, clays, and marble.


The pandemic has led to suspension of many industry projects, however there is a possibility such a situation will change already in 2021, while the biggest hopes are put on the revival of large-scale gold mining activities in the country. Prior to the pandemic, the bulk of them accounted for foreign companies, primarily those from the North American region.


One of them is Canada's Dundee Precious Metals (DPM), which has recently expressed an interest for the beginning of more active development of its flagship Bulgarian gold mine Ada Tepe.


By: Eugen Gerden