Normet starts a new era in underground scaling by launching the Scamec LC Thor

Photo: Normet

Normet announces the launch of the Scamec LC Thor, marking the start of a new era of underground scaling operations.

Replacing its globally successful predecessor, the Scamec 2000, the completely new Scamec LC Thor makes the most challenging of underground operations safer than ever before. It is designed in close collaboration with our customers, combining Normet’s decades-long experience in developing cutting-edge underground equipment with scaling operators’ invaluable experience in everyday scaling work.

As a result of this cooperation, this purpose-built machine brings boom accuracy and handling, work area visibility and operator ergonomics – and, consequently, safety and productivity of the whole underground scaling process – to a higher level than ever before.

According to Normet, the Scamec LC Thor has an extremely safe FOPS/ROPS approved cabin with excellent visibility due to the carefully designed structures, a highly useful reversing camera system and heated wide-angle mirrors. The windscreen is fitted with a protective grille to safeguard the operator from rockfall hazard and, furthermore, the new boom of the Scamec LC Thor is designed to project falling debris away.

The machine can also be equipped with an emergency escape function, activating an emergency sequence for lifting the stabilizers and the dozer blade while engaging reverse gear and preparing the machine for reversing. The operator can then concentrate on steering the machine to safety after releasing the parking brake.

The Scamec LC Thor is the latest result of Normet’s passion for continuously developing new solutions and technologies to meet and exceed customer and industry expectations for safety and productivity.