Australia's mining industry is in desperate need of labor 

Drilling rig at the Area C iron ore mine, 95 kilometers WNW of Newman, Western Australia. Photo: Creative Commons Lic. Credit: Blastcube

Environmentally conscious young people avoid the industry despite good wages.
Australia's mining industry is grappling with a rapidly worsening labor shortage.

According to the employers' association of the country's natural resources and energy sector, the country needs 24,000 new employees in the next five years.

Salaries are good in the mining industry, but the industry does not attract young people. According to Natural Resources Minister Madeleine King, the mining industry needs an image change.

Climate change is strongly on the minds of young people, which is exacerbated by coal mines. In Australia, mining companies have also been involved in scandals. 

Sexual harassment has been revealed in them. It was recently revealed that the mining company had destroyed 46,000-year-old indigenous dwellings.

Source: AFP