Russia plans to resume development of largest domestic tungsten and molybdenum field

Tyrnyauz deposit. Photo: Ruscable

Russia plans to begin a large-scale mining of tungsten and molybdenum at Tyrnyauz deposit in 2023, according to recent statements, made by representatives of the investor and local authorities.

The field is located in the Russian Kabardino-Balkaria Republic and characterized by rich reserves of both metals.

It is planned, direct implementation of the project will be carried by the Elbrus Mining Plant.

Implementation of the project will be controlled by Kabardino-Balkaria authorities and personally the head of the region - Kazbek Kokov.

At the end of December 2017, the Russian Federal Agency on Subsoil Usage (Rosnedra) announced a tender for the purchase of a license to resume mining and processing of tungsten-molybdenum ores at the Tyrnyauz deposit. LLC "Elbrus Mining Plant" was the only participant in the tender for the development of the deposit.