Russian coal producers eye significant increase supplies to EU market this year

Elga coal deposit. Photo: Worldenergget

Russian leading coal producers are planning a significant increase of supplies to the EU market thanks to maintaining stable demand for coal from local customers.


Currently coal demand is on the rise, as gas prices are hitting historic records almost daily. Bloomberg reported that European energy companies have asked Russian coal miners to increase coal supplies, although the Russian Ministry of Energy said that it had not received official requests from the EU authorities.


In 2020, according to Eurostat, Russia reduced coal shipments to the EU by 10.2 million tons, to 37.8 million, nevertheless remained the largest supplier and far ahead of the United States (6.6 million tons) and Colombia (5.7 million tons). In total, 53.6 million tons of coal were imported to the EU countries.



This year, exports of Russian coal to Europe, according to the Russian Ministry of Energy, in the first half of the year increased by 2.4%, to 22.5 million tons. However a further increase is prevented by complex logistics.


By: Eugene Gerden