PJSC Rusolovo aims to become largest producer of tin in Russia

Pyrkakayskie Shtokverki tin field - one of the largest tin fields in Russia. Photo: Muksun

PJSC Rusolovo, one of Russia’s largest mining companies, plans to start the development of the Pyrkakayskie Shtokverki tin field, - one of the largest tin fields in Russia - which is located in the Chukotka region, according to recent statements, made by representatives of the Chukotka authorities and the Russian media reports.


According to Chukotka Governor Roman Kopin, the reserves of the field are estimated at 350,000 tonnes, which could make it one of the largest sources of tin in Russia for years to come.


At the same time, in addition to tin, the field is characterized by rich reserves of tungsten (up to 21,000 tonnes), as well as gold, silver and copper.


At present mining sector remains the main driver for growth of the Chukotka economy, while the region currently remains one of the major gold mining regions in Russia.

By: Eugen Gerden