France may consider acceleration of minerals’ development in years to come

Photo: Philippe Wojazer Reuters

France may consider acceleration of development of its minerals’ resources base within the next several years, that will be mainly due to the ever growing demand for metals both in the domestic market and abroad.


In fact, France has never been among the world’s leading nations in terms of its minerals’ reserves, although it was once the third largest producer of tungsten and zinc in Europe until the suspension of production in 1991.


During the 1980s, the majority of mines in the country were closed, due to exhaustion of their reserves and the decline of profitability. Their closure became also due to the adoption of new environment legislation in the country, which became the result of several major pollution events.


In regard of gold, in the last century, only 186 tons of the metal were produced in France. This is significantly less than the monthly volume of production in the global scale.


Still, there is a possibility that such a situation will change already in the coming years, due to the ever growing interest of investors for mining activities within the territory of the country.


By: Eugen Gerden


So far, a number of companies, including domestic and foreign have expressed their interest in the resume of commercial production of metals in France, including zinc, tungsten and tin, while implementation of these plans will be controlled by the French national government, as well as the President of the country Emmanuel Makron.


According to French analysts in the field of mining, the methods for the discovery minerals have improved significantly over the past 30 years, while maintaining high prices for them in the global market are making mining in France more attractive for investors, that it was in the past.