Norway will consider acceleration of activities in field of deep sea mining in  years to come

Photo: wikivoyage

Norway will consider acceleration of its activities in the field of deep sea mining in  years to come, that will take place despite possible ecology threats which could be associated with such type of activities, according to recent statements,  made by representatives of some of the country’s leading mining companies and local media reports.


Currently deep-sea mining is considered as a very promising area of activities for some leading Norwegian mining companies, despite the pandemic and associated with this negative consequences on the mining sector of Norway.  The existing good prospects of such activities have been recently confirmed by the experts of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology from Trondheim and other analysts, according to which that may bring millions of dollars of profits for companies, which are involved in such activities.


As part of this, a particular attention should be paid for the development of certain minerals, which are located on the seabed off the coast of Norway.


It is planned, the development of gold, zinc and copper can be mined through so-called hydrothermal vents. According to researchers from the Norwegian University of Life and Technical Sciences, only in the marine area off the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen, the potential value of the minerals available is estimated at about US$100 billion.


By: Eugen Gerden