AtomRedMetZoloto to accelerate uranium mining in Russian Trans-Ural region

Photo: TASS

The Dalur enterprise, which is part of the ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. (AtomRedMetZoloto), one of Russia’s leading uranium mining companies, is finishing preparations for the beginning of commercial development of the Khokhlovskoye field, one of Russia's largest uranium fields.


According to an official spokesman of ARMZ Yuri Murashko, so far, the company has completed the establishment of necessary infrastructure and is ready to start the development of the field, which is located in the Shumikhinsky district of the Kurgan region,


At the same time, the Khokhlovskoye is expected to be not the only major uranium field, which development will begin already within the next several months. The same plans are considered for the neighboring Dobrovolnoye field,


At present JSC Dalur remains the first enterprise in Russia that produces uranium by the in situ leaching method. The company primarily focuses on the development of fields of the Trans-Ural uranium ore region (Dalmatovskoe, Khokhlovskoe and Dobrovolnoe), whose raw material base is estimated at 18,500 tons of uranium.


By: Eugen Gerden