Abkhazia plans to become leading local producer in South Caucasus region

Photo: avtoturistu

Abkhazia, a partially recognized state in the South Caucasus, aims to become one of the largest coal producers in the region, that will take place by acceleration of production on the basis of some of the country’s largest fields, according to recent statements of local media and senior officials of the Abkhazian government.


These plans have been recently confirmed by the Ministry of Economy of Abkhazia, which has recently announced its plans for the conduction of geological study, exploration and production of minerals at the Tkuarchal coal field, which is located in Tkuarchal region of the country.


The Tkvarcheli mine were discovered in 1900, while its development began in 1935. It consists of 8 mines with complex geological configuration. The main consumer of local coal during the Soviet times was the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant.


By: Eugen Gerden