Keliber and Kokkolan Energia confirm agreement on the site of the chemical plant

Photo: Keliber

Keliber and Kokkolan Energia have confirmed a 30-year lease agreement for a 12.5-hectare site of the Keliber chemical plant to be built in the Kokkola Industrial Park.

“We are very pleased with the good cooperation with Kokkolan Energia. We have an excellent construction site in the chemical industrial area with a high level of infrastructure and service offering. The area's focus on the circular economy and safety as well as in port, rail and vehicle traffic will serve our needs excellently,” says Hannu Hautala, CEO of Keliber.

“We are pleased that we confirmed the agreement with Keliber. It serves the development of the Kokkola Industrial Park, the entire city of Kokkola and offers to develop forward-looking activities with Keliber. Personally, I see an interesting opportunity to utilize for example waste heat”, says Mikko Rintamäki, CEO of Kokkolan Energia.

 Keliber Oy is a Finnish mining and chemical industry company with an objective of producing battery grade lithium hydroxide for the needs of the international lithium battery market.