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Numerous exploration activities going on in Sodankylä

Kevitsa Nickel and Copper Mine, Lapland. Photo: Tomas Westermark-Boliden
Kevitsa Nickel and Copper Mine, Lapland. Photo: Tomas Westermark-Boliden
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Markku Björkman - 29 Jan 2019

The mining industry is currently the most significant private sector employer in the number of jobs in the Finnish town of Sodankylä.

The mining cluster in the region includes service providers and subcontractors related to mining, maintenance and exploration as well as geophysical research, education and laboratory services.

Boliden Kevitsa was opened in 2012 and currently offers direct jobs for more than 400 people and if the subcontractors are counted, more than 700 jobs. In Sodankylä, there is also the Pahtavaara Gold Mine that has been opened and closed several times since 2000 and is currently on standby.

Currently, the most significant exploration project is the AA Sakatti Mining Project that has a nickel-copper deposit project it is environmental impact assessment phase. The Sakatti Project is located in a nature protection area and Natura 2000 area.

The Sakatti project has 29 employees and during the planning and exploration season, there are approximately 150 new recruitments when subcontractors are included. There are numerous ongoing exploration activities in Sodankylä. During winter season 2016–2017 there were more than a dozen international companies on practising exploration. In Sodankylä there is also a long history of artificial gold mining.