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New standard for environmental declarations for steel and aluminium

Acetylene at aluminium production. Photo: Creative Commons, Credit: Moreharmony
Acetylene at aluminium production. Photo: Creative Commons, Credit: Moreharmony
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Markku Björkman - 31 Oct 2018

The Swedish steel companies SSAB, Sandvik and Höganäs AB, together with the "Iron Office", Järnkontoret and Stålbyggnadsinstitutet, SBI, initiated a new European standard for durable steel and aluminium construction. The standard will play an important role in the ability to compare environmental product declarations from different manufacturers.

SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, will project the development of the standard.

- The standard will be important for the EU's internal market by making environmental declarations comparable. This standard will benefit from well-functioning sustainability work in the design, production, use and recovery of steel and aluminium products, whether it comes from ore or scrap at manufacturing, said Rutger Gyllenram, chairman of the new European Working Group.

"The Swedish steel companies show leadership for sustainable steel products. By being active in the development of the new standard, companies can also show how far their sustainability efforts have been successful, "says Bo-Erik Pers, CEO of the Iron Office.

In addition to steel and aluminium companies, the target group is also contracting other organizations.