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History is written - Narvik is now loading the first ore boat

Kaunis Iron mine in Northern Sweden. Photo: Kaunis Iron
Kaunis Iron mine in Northern Sweden. Photo: Kaunis Iron
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Markku Björkman - 04 Oct 2018

The ship "Golden Ruby" steered newly into the port of Narvik. There she will now be loaded with 72,000 tonnes of salt from the mine in Kaunisvaara.

The company Kaunis Irons first delivery is on the way to the customer. Now the first boat is loaded and in about four days it is thought that the ship will leave the quay in Narvik for a five-day trip to Kaunis Irons customer Tata Steel in Holland.

- This has entered a new era for the company. In addition to a focused and rigorous work in a project that has been produced, we have now also started delivering at last and we have arrived now, says Per-Erik Lindvall, CEO of Kaunis Iron.

Malmen's journey from the mine outside Pajala via the port of Narvik to the customers in the world has begun. Kaunis Iron can now find out that the entire chain is closed, via crush and enrichment works, with loading and unloading on lorries up to the transhipment centre in Pitkäjärvi for further trains to Narvik and the port.

- The logistics chain from the mine to the port is complete and now the work continues 24 hours to deliver our iron ore product in the best possible way, says Andreas Lantto, logistics manager of Kaunis Iron.

And more ships are going to leave the harbour. Within the next few weeks, the next boat with ore from Kaunisvaara will depart from Narvik harbour.