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Canadian miner discovers new copper zone

Photo: Kintavar Resources
Photo: Kintavar Resources
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Jaroslaw Adamowski - 24 Sep 2018

Canadian miner Kintavar Exploration has an-nounced the discovery of a new copper zone, Irene, some 550 km north of the Sherlock corridor.


“The Irene zone is a major success for the explora-tion team. First it demonstrates again the efficiency of our explo-ration approach and following boulder fields to identify mineralization on the Mitchi project. This was a hidden target until the boulder field and the IP survey generated a drilling target,” Kiril Mugerman, the president and CEO of Kintavar, said in a statement. “Second, it ex-tends our exploration horizons more to the north where the favorable stratigraphy was not believed to be present based on historical map-ping. And finally, this is a new, mineralized, near surface hori-zon, that appears to be parallel to the main Sherlock zone with similar grades and same style of mineralization, which means more mineralized material in the Mitchi basin.”


Kintavar Exploration is based in Canada’s Quebec.