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Green light to Keliber's lithium mine permit

 Lithium Carbonate Powder for Battery Manufacturing Photo: Keliber
Lithium Carbonate Powder for Battery Manufacturing Photo: Keliber
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Markku Björkman - 13 Sep 2018

The city council in Finnish town Kokkola has no objections to granting Keliber a mining permit for a lithium mine in Syväjärvi, on the border between Karleby and Kaustby, reported the net magazine Svenska Yle.

The city council in Karleby gave the thump up on Monday 10th of September for the mining company Kelibers mining license.

"Keliber has actively taken environmental considerations into account. We have nothing to complain about, says City Council Chairman Reino Herlevi.

Herlevi is resident in Ullava and the planned mining area is six kilometers from Ullava church town. Herlevi says that most locals seem to support the opening of a lithium mine.

"There is an expectation in the village, of course, we hope that the mine will provide both workplaces and prosperity and new entrants," says Herlevi.

Lakes must be dry

But surely there are those who are worried.

"Talvivaara has, of course, influenced the attitude towards mining. But here it is about the significantly less environmental impact and a completely different process, "says Herlevi.

It is the Tukes Safety and Chemicals Agency that decides on mining and now Keliber must also apply for a permit for the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals and explosives.

Syväjärvi is located in Karleby just by Kaustby Kommängs border. The existence is partly below the Syväjärvi and Heinäjärvi lakes which must be dried before the refraction can begin.

The area of the projected area is about 117 hectares, of which the area is approximately nine hectares and consists mostly of diked marsh and woodland. There is no permanent settlement nearby.

South of the area is Alholmens Kraft Ab square production area Päiväneva.