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Good chances for mineral finds in northern Sweden

Aitik mine in Norrbotten in Sweden. Photo: Creative Common, credit: LTU
Aitik mine in Norrbotten in Sweden. Photo: Creative Common, credit: LTU
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Markku Björkman - 05 Sep 2018

Gold, graphite, cobalt or a new large copper authority? Swedish mining can be really hot again - now the possibilities of finding new mineral discoveries in northern Sweden have been mapped.

 For several years, the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) has conducted a thorough survey of the geological conditions in the southern parts of Norrbotten region.

"This has been a white spot on the map of ozone potentials previously. The area has not been properly investigated," said Ildiko Antal, Unit Manager for Economic Geology at SGU.

There are three major areas in the country where the geological conditions for finding different kinds of mineralization are great, she says. In the northern parts of Norrbotten, in Bergslagen and in the Skellefteå field, the presence of various metals and minerals is better known. But southern Norrbotten can now become a new area that attracts prospectors.

"A survey like this is the basis for all exploration. Ore deposits are steered by geological conditions. We have not specifically looked for different metals but examined the conditions with geological, geophysical and geochemical methods to see where there are opportunities for new discoveries. also useful in other contexts, such as finding water in the mountain or getting good ballast material, "she says.

It turns out that there are good opportunities to find several different kinds of minerals. Both old well-known as iron and copper, but also those that have become hot by new technologies, such as graphite and various rare earth minerals.

The question is whether it may be worthwhile for companies to prospect for new mines in southern Norrbotten.

"Yes, we think so. The mining industry is very cyclical, but SGU's mapping is useful for many years to come," says Ildiko Antal.

Minister for Industry, Mikael Damberg is looking forward to new jobs and growth.

"Now we see an exciting development. The Swedish mining industry can be a prerequisite for green development, with innovation-critical metals for, for example, batteries and wind power. Lithium, for example, the battery manufacturer Northvolt needs, was discovered for the first time in Sweden. Now the lithium requirement is expected to increase by 2,500 percent to 2030 ", he says.

He also focuses on great possibilities for finding graphite, which is needed to develop several new technologies.

Source: DI