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Trump excludes three countries from import quotas on steel

Steel rails hit the track, Photo: British Steel
Steel rails hit the track, Photo: British Steel
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Markku Björkman - 30 Aug 2018

US President Donald Trump has signed recently a document approving targeted exceptions for US import quotas from three countries. It announced the US Department of Commerce.

In March, the US President announced new import duties for steel and aluminum but granted exceptions for Argentina, Brazil, and Australia. Instead, import quotas would apply to these countries. These quotas can now be raised again for imports of steel from South Korea, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as for Argentinean aluminum, the Ministry of Commerce stated in a statement.

"Companies can apply for an exemption due to insufficient quantity or quality of US steel or aluminum manufacturers. In such cases, quota exemption may be granted and no import duty will be claimed," the statement states.