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Glencore's share price in free fall after corruption suspicions

Glencore mine at Antapaccay. Photo Courtecy: Glencore Xstrata
Glencore mine at Antapaccay. Photo Courtecy: Glencore Xstrata
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Markku Björkman - 06 Jul 2018

The Swiss mining giant Glencore's share price fell 6 percent on the London Stock Exchange on July 3, while it became known that the US Department of Justice opened an extensive corruption investigation against the company for its operations in Nigeria, DR Congo and Venezuela.

Suspicions about corruption regarding Glencore's operations, especially in DR Congo, are not new, writes the magazine Le Revenu. According to Bloomberg, Glencore could be the subject of a corruption investigation also in Britain regarding DR Congo operations.

Glencore also charts in the Paradise Paper leak, revealing several well-known people and corporate tax optimization statements.

Glencore, headquartered in Baas, Switzerland, is listed on the Paris and London exchanges.