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Take a drink - in the mine

Tytyri mine in southern Finland. Photo: Northkalk
Tytyri mine in southern Finland. Photo: Northkalk
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Markku Björkman - 13 Jun 2018

Nothing for the claustrophobic but the new mining restaurant in Lohja in southern Finland is perfect for the thrill-seeking connoisseur.

If you like dining in odd places, the Muru Pop Down in Lohja is something for you. 80 meters underground in the former Tytyri mine, you can now enjoy a four-course menu made by award-winning chefs. The one who dares and wants can in a similar way take a trip down to 350 meters deep for a visit to the mining museum.

Eating there costs just over 100 euro per person, but both food and drinks are of high quality. And the room - yes, at least, unique.

The restaurant's menu has been inspired by the mining environment and the soil and in the pure and locally produced domestic product that is relevant to the season.

The permanent bistro Muru, designated for this year's restaurant, stands steadily in the capital's trendy Helsinki district of Rödbergen and is well worth a visit.

Source: Aftonbladet