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Endomines starts extensive exploration projects at the Karelian gold line

Preparations for expansion have started in the Pampalo area. Photo:  Endomines
Preparations for expansion have started in the Pampalo area. Photo: Endomines
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Markku Björkman - 18 Apr 2018

Endomines launches a comprehensive and prospecting project at the Karelian gold line in Finland. The company holds the exploration rights for the entire 40-kilometre long green belt area with potential gold deposits. Endomine's plan is to carry out the project over several years. The activities for 2018 have a prospecting budget of approximately two million euros.

Endomines has collaborated with Australian Model Company Earth Consultant since the summer of 2017 to create a three-dimensional model of geology and to identify exact exploration targets through the model.

The first stage of the model was completed in March and is based on a significant proportion of existing drilling, geophysical and morphological information. After completion of the model, the prospecting project can start at the beginning of the second quarter according to plan.

This year's exploration project includes 5,000m diamond drilling, 3,500 deep morphology and geophysics, among other things. induced polarization measurement (IP), gravimetric surface measurement and magnetic measurement with a drone.

"We are enthusiastic about the possibilities of our prospecting project at the Karelian Gold Line. Our cooperation with the Australian consultants has given us new information about the similarities between the Karel and Australia greenstone gold fields. Based on this information, we have identified new interesting areas that seem promising and which are almost completely unexplored.

- We are also pleased to note that our exploration project utilizes the latest technology in three-dimensional modelling and artificial intelligence, which raises our prospecting to a whole new level, "said Sino Miettinen-Lähde, Endomine's Executive Director, in a press release.