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UK miner to acquire copper-gold-silver mine

Photo by Capstone Mining - Minto mine
Photo by Capstone Mining - Minto mine
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Jaroslaw Adamowski - 26 Feb 2018

Canadian acquisition LSE-listed Pembridge Resources has announced a deal with Capstone Mining under which it is to purchase the latter companys Minto copper-gold-silver mine for some $37.5 million.


The acquisition of the mine, which is located in Canadas Yukon, "establishes Pembridge as a cash flow generating copper producer," the company said in a statement.


"The acquisition of Minto represents a transformational opportunity for Pembridge and its shareholders," said David Linsley, the companys CEO.


In 2017, Minto produced 16,332 tonnes of copper, 170,809 ounces of silver and 25,205 ounces of gold, according to Pembridge Resources.