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Two golf ball sized diamonds found in Africa

Raw diamond. Foto: Pixabay, credit- Kuro308
Raw diamond. Foto: Pixabay, credit- Kuro308
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Markku Björkman - 31 Jan 2018

About two golf ball sized diamonds were found in the Letseng mine managed by a diamond mining company called Gem Diamonds Ltd. The mine is known for its exceptionally high-quality diamonds. The market prices of diamonds found are the highest in the world, Bloomberg reports.

A 910-carat diamond, or 182 grams, has been found in the diamond mine in Africa, Lesotho. The diamond now found is a D-class and type IIa diamond. Class IIb diamonds are the rarest - only 0.1 percent of naturally found diamonds fall into this category.

At this time it is impossible to estimate how precious the diamond is. The value of the diamond determines the size and quality of the pieces cut. Lucara Diamond Corp. sold 1109 carat diamonds last year for $ 53 million. At the same time (2015), the 813-carat diamond was sold for 63 million dollars.

"There are big differences in the pricing of diamonds and the price is influenced by many factors," says Ben Davis's Liberum Capital Market research firm. "Assuming there are no significant inclusions inside the diamond, we estimate it for $ 40 million."

The largest ever found natural silk was 3106.75 carats or 621.35 grams. The diamond found in South Africa in the summer of 1905 was named Cullinan diamond after to the mine owner Sir Thomas Cullinan. The diamond was cut in 1907 and it came to a total of 105 precious stones that make up the collection of crown jewels in England.

The biggest diamond is the 530.20 carat "Great Star of Africa" embedded in the British monarch. The "second star of Africa" affixed to the rebellion weighs 317.40 carats.

The world's second-largest natural man in the article was previously mentioned Lucedia Diamond Corp.'s 1109 carat Lesedi La Rona. Third, the largest is the Excelsior diamond found in South Africa in 1893 (995.2 acres) and the fourth largest in the Star of Sierra Leone (968.9 ac) found in 1972.

Source Bloomberg