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Equinox Gold to start construction of Brazil-based gold mine

Raising TSF. Photo: Equinox Gold
Raising TSF. Photo: Equinox Gold
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Simon Matthis - 09 Jan 2018

Equinox Gold Corp. announced that its board of directors has approved the start of full-scale construction at its Brazil-based Aurizona gold mine.

Early works construction has been underway at Aurizona since the third quarter of 2017. The project is advancing well and remains on track to pour gold by late 2018. Activities to date have focused on detailed engineering work, raising the existing tailings facility, refurbishment of existing plant infrastructure, civil earthworks and pouring foundations to prepare for installation of new plant infrastructure, installation of new administrative buildings and ordering long-lead items.

“With expansion permits, full construction funding and the new Equinox Gold Board of Directors in place, we have received approval for full-scale construction at the Aurizona Gold Mine in Brazil,” said Christian Milau, CEO of Equinox Gold. “This will be a milestone year for Equinox Gold as we advance Aurizona and transition the company from a developer to a meaningful producer, with more than 135,000 ounces of annual gold production expected from Aurizona.”

“The Aurizona project has been significantly advanced and de-risked over the past few months with early works construction and critical path activities,” said David Laing, COO of Equinox Gold. “The tailings dam raise is nearly complete, the mills are ordered and significant civil earthworks has been completed in preparation for installation of the mills and other new plant infrastructure. We look forward to reporting on construction milestones as we advance toward our target of pouring gold in late 2018.”

Equinox Gold’s Board of Directors has approved a total project budget of $146 million for full-scale construction, which includes all working capital and a 12% contingency